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Top 10 WTF? Moments on LOST

One of the coolest aspects of Lost has been its ability to always pull the rug out from underneath us. Just when you think you’ve figured out what’s going on, something so crazy happens that you’re forced to toss out your old hypotheses and start theorizing from scratch.

Now that The End is finally upon us, we’re counting down the top 10 Lost moments that had us scratching our heads, jumping off our sofas and screaming, “WHAT THE F&$%?!” at our television sets.

The moment you’re probably expecting to be No. 1 isn’t actually on this list: the famous flash-forward revelation in the season 3 finale "Through the Looking Glass." Enough has been written about Jack’s rendezvous with Kate at LAX that helped reinvent the show, but let’s be honest: Jack using a Razr phone was a pretty damning clue that the episode was taking place in the present and not the past. It actually took us out of the episode. In addition, we're not including any of the happenings of this past season to keep the focus on the wondrous moments that have kept us engaged in ABC's twisted Sci-fi tale over the last six years (though there's been plenty of WTF this year, what with man-beast Smoke Monsters and alternate realities). So while those “shockers” aren't included, it does lead nicely into No. 10…

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