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Trailer for Bad Robot's "Morning Glory"

Thanks to BookhouseBoy for the heads up.

The trailer is now online for the movie "Morning Glory," which will be the first post-LOST movie from Bad Robot when it hits theaters on November 12, 2010. "Morning Glory" is a comedy about a network morning show very much in the tradition of "The Today Show," and stars Harrison Ford as an aging newsman forced to take on a new job, Rachel McAdams as his producer, Diane Keaton as his cohost, Patrick Wilson as her boyfriend, and also Jeff Goldblum. There are a few LOST connections here: Harrison Ford was obviously Han Solo from the frequently referenced Star Wars movies, Patrick Wilson starred in the "Watchmen" movie (based on the graphic novel which has been cited as an influence on LOST), and Jeff Goldblum is currently dating the much, much younger Tania Raymonde, AKA Alex Rousseau. "Morning Glory" was produced by J.J. Abrams and Bryan Burk, written by Aline Brosh McKenna ("The Devil Wears Prada"), and directed by Roger Michell ("Notting Hill").

Source: firstshowing

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