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With the last Lost episode airing on Sunday, nymag.com’s Vulture blog looks back at the top twenty episodes that can safely be ignored—the ones that lack character information, mythology, action, plot development, supernatural activity, or any combination of the above, including:

The Little Prince (Season Five, Episode Four)

What Happens: Ben tries to corral the Oceanic Six to get them back to the island while Kate suspects that Claire’s mom knows about Aaron. On the island, the time-traveling set are getting sick of all their history travels.
What It Tries to Accomplish: Chaos abounds on the island and off of it.
Why You Can Skip It: Because it does nothing more than move the plot along, and not in a particularly graceful way. The O6 will eventually get on the Ajira flight and the island will stop moving through time; this is just vamping. Nothing to see here, folks.
How It Could Have Been Fixed: Ben the negotiator isn’t nearly as fun as Ben the mastermind, so we wish he would have just drugged them all and flown them back to the island himself on a commercial jet he would magically procure.

Source: Full Article @ nymag.com’s Vulture blog

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