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Thanks to Luthien for the heads up.

EW posted TV Finale Awards winners... Lost won in a lot of category.

Best Death
Jack, Lost
''All the way, has to be Jack. The ending scene with him and Vincent brings tears to my eyes just writing it. Nothing can top that.'' —Gwen
Voters agreed. Jack won by 471 votes, the largest margin of any category.

Best Kiss
Jack and Kate, Lost
Jack and Kate took the title by 78 votes.

Best Fight
Jack and Flocke, Lost
The second-largest margin of victory, by 257 votes.

Top Tissue Moment
Jack's death, with Vincent lying beside him

Single Most Clever Twist
The Sideways world is purgatory, the Island is real, Lost
''After being relentlessly told the Island wasn't purgatory, the Sideways world is purgatory. Damn you, Darlton.'' —Frank

Most Rewound Moment
Last 10-15 minutes of Lost

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