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While in the midst of moving his family back to the mainland, Matthew Fox had "no idea" that the Emmy nominations were happening this morning. "We were asleep and I woke up to my phone vibrating," Fox said. "I knew in the back of my mind that it might be good news." As for his plans to celebrate, Fox is simply taking some time in between unpacking boxes to relish in his first-ever Emmy nomination. "I get to go to a big party and see people I haven't seen the whole summer." Fox has no immediate plans to jump into another project. Right now, the "Lost" star is focusing on "moving away from Hawaii and getting settled in Oregon. It's a huge transition."

Source: hollywoodreporter

Matthew Fox sees his Emmy nomination as an excellent reason for one last Lost get-together.

"It gives me a great excuse to go to (the award ceremony) and hang out with all the people I did the show with. We'll have a little reunion and raise a few glasses of champagne to what we did for six years," says Fox, nominated in the lead actor category for the ABC drama.

He was especially proud that Lost received a best drama nomination for its final season, the heavily scrutinized culmination of a TV phenomenon. "I think the show had created enormous expectations this season and somehow we met or even exceeded them in some respects," says Fox, who left Hawaii for the mainland with his family only a week ago. "Seeing the show getting the nomination and (executive producers) Damon (Lindelof) and Carlton (Cuse) and Jack Bender and the other actors getting nominated, I feel great about it."

Source: USA Today

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