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I have been a big fan of Michelle Rodriguez and she has had her share of ups and downs. Michelle is best known for her roles on LOST and the recent blockbuster the eco-friendly Avatar. Using her stardom she announced that at the "Sea No Evil" fundraiser that she will be joining the anti-whaling org on its next campaign.

Here a some more details about the story via Ecorazzi:

"I'm going to go on the next voyage," she said. "So you guys are actually helping to support the next team to go out to Antarctica and bust their asses on that ship, trying to save some whales. So, I'm going to be one of those people on board."

This isn't the first time a celebrity has announced their intention to join the crew of the Sea Shepherd on their Antarctic campaign. Back in the fall of 2008, it was revealed that Daryl Hannah would be accompanying Paul Watson and Co down under. That commitment was later reduced to "a week" and then turned into nothing but a visit to the ship and crew by the actress. Hannah later said that a conflict kept her from participating fully on the three-month long voyage - and I wouldn't doubt it if something similar happens with Rodriguez.

Source: Greenwala

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