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Thanks to Iceman for the heads up.

LOST star Jorge Garcia — better known to you and me as Hugo “Hurley” Reyes — is hitting HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.

CBS confirms that Garcia will play a bro with unbelievably bad timing in a November episode of the comedy series and GIVE ME MY REMOTE has exclusive new details on his character, whom they’re calling Blitz.

Blitz is Ted, Marshall and Lily’s friend from college who has the uncanny ability to leave a room right before things finally get interesting. Blitz has been cursed with this regrettable phenomenon for over twelve years. When Ted goes to sleep early on the night before Thanksgiving and misses the party of a lifetime — a party that even Blitz attended — he is terrified, wondering if he is in now “the Blitz”!

How excited are you to see our boy Hurley hanging with the HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER crew?

Source: Give Me My Remote

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