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Thanks to Josh for the following interview with Jorge Garcia.

Did you only audition for Hurley, or someone else, too?
When I went in they were still writing the script so they had me read the part of Sawyer. I wasn't really auditioning for the part. THey just wanted to see an example of my acting. Later they wrote two Hurley scenes to audition with for the studio and network.

Were you surprised when you saw the end of the Season 3 finale?
Well I was surprised when I heard about the ending. I was told ahead of time what it was going to be. SO I knew what it was before I saw it.

Which is your favorite LOST episode?
Hmm... Well the Pilot (Season 1, Ep. 1&2) will always be special. But so will "Dave" because Hurley got some romance.

How do you relate to your character, Hurley? Are you similar to him?
Well he WAS written for me so yes I'd say we are pretty similar. I'm just not as haunted by the curse like he is.

I know you can’t tell us anything specific, but do you know anything about Season 4 of LOST? When will you start shooting?
I know nothing. We start working August 16th.

I know you probably can’t tell us, but I’ll ask anyway. Do you know who will have a flashback or flashforward in the first episode of Season 4?
No idea.

If you were stranded on an island, how different would you act from your character, Hurley? What would you do [if you were stranded on a �deserted” island]?
I might try to lead more. I can use my "experience" to keep the group together and surviving.

I personally love your Hurley action figure. How did you feel about doing them?
I think they are great and one of the things I'm most proud of.

Besides yourself, who is your favorite character on LOST?
Tough call. I like Saywer, he get's great lines. BUt I also like the ambiguity of Locke.

Have you always wanted to be an actor?
Pretty much. I put it on hold when I went to college but I think I always had it in the back of my mind to pursue.

My dream has always been to be an actor. Any tips, or advice you can give me?
Confidence. You need to know what you have and you have to know this is a career you want everyday. Because it's too much to deal with if you're not completely commited.

What is it like to shoot in Hawaii?
I love it. It's great to work out of Los Angeles. For me it starts to feel like a project I just do with my friends instead of a huge TV show. Kind of like the tinkers in a MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM to practice their play. Plus I have always wanted to live in Hawaii. So getting to do a TV Show here is a bonus.

What can you tell us about the upcoming LOST video game? Are you in it?
I have no information about it. I haven't been approached about it either so I don't know if their going to ask us to contribute.

Is there anything else you would like to say to all the Hungarian LOST fans out there?
Thank you for watching. I am pleased that our show has touched people all over the planet.

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