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Thanks to Josh for the following interview.

Can you tell us if you will be on LOST again?
I'm sorry, but I am not allowed to release information concerning another appearance on LOST.

How did you feel being the only kid in the cast of LOST?
It was a lot of fun being able to hang out with my co-stars that were older then me. I learned a lot from them, and got great advice about my career. Being one of the only kids on the show, I knew I had a lot to live up to in order to make my character a real as possiable.

Which is your favorite LOST episode?
The season Finale of season one.

Were you surprised when you saw the end of the Season 3 finale?
I was a bit surprised. The producers threw around a number of ways the finale was going to end just so it wouldn't end up on a spoiler web site. I was told that the finale was going to end the way it did, so they tell some people the correct ending.

How do you relate to your character, Walt? Are you similar to him?
I'v been told that I like to observe things much like my character Walt. It's been said that you get cast in parts that fit your personality, so this might be one of those times.

Do you collect the LOST action figures? If yes, do you like them? Do you know when there will be one of your character?
No, I do not collect them, and I have no idea if there will be a Walt action figure.

How did you get the part on LOST?
I went for a number of auditions for my part and was later hand picked by J.J. Abrams and cast as Walt.

Besides yourself, who is your favorite character from LOST?
Hurley, and Locke

What was it like to shoot LOST in Hawaii?
Hawaii is amazing. I am truly blessed to be able to have had the oppertunity to have worked at such a wonderful location. The weather and the sights were beautiful, and the people were wonderful. It was amazing.

I’m 13, almost 14 years old, and my dream has always been to become an actor. Any tips, or advice you can give me?
Never give up on your dreams. I was lucky to get my "break" early in my career, but most actors don't get theirs until later in their career. There is always time to achieve your dreams.

Do you watch any other TV Shows besides LOST?
I love Scrubs, and Punk'd.

I love basketball and soccer, and I saw on your profile that you do, too. Who are your favorite players/teams?
I love the Clippers.

What can you tell us about the upcoming LOST video game? Are you in it?
I don't have to much information on a video game.. News to me : ]

Is there anything else you would like to say to all the Hungarian LOST fans out there?
Thank you ALL for your support! It really means a lot to me and everyone else at ABC involved in LOST. Stay true, and get ready for an amazing season!

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