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What's Michael Emerson up to?

Thanks to Edith over at Spicedogs for the following.

Michael Emerson, together with his wife Carrie Preston and brother-in-law John Preston, will be acting in a new production by Daisy3 Pictures: Ready? OK! James Vasquez, who was the principle actor in 29th and Gay is the director and the writer as well. Filming began on June 23, 2007.

According to imdb.com, "Ready? OK! centers around an over caffeinated single mother (Carrie Preston) and her 9 year son (Lurie Poston), who has big aspirations of becoming a cheerleader. With the recent death of her absent father, her twin brother (John Preston) returns home, and they are all forced to deal with the idea of 'family' - but the big question is, will her probably gay little boy earn enough money to make it to Winter Cheer Camp?"

Source: Spicedogs

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