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Matthew Fox is being considered to play a role in the upcoming movie Dallas, which is based on the former hit TV Show.

Last week we jumped into the Dallas movie casting fracas with a report from a scooper which claimed James Brolin and Friday Night Lights star Minka Kelly were set to join the cast of the newly revitalized, Betty Thomas directed project (read it here). Well our scooper is back, and he’s bringing a ten-gallon hat stuffed with incredible Dallas movie exclusives.

Bear in mind though, that our source is so far still unproven. We haven’t been able to confirm or deny any of his past rumors, and I expect it’ll be awhile before we know for certain if his new scoops pan out as well. That said, he mentions a few things in his email to me which make me think he’s credible, credible enough to make what he has to say worth reading if you’re at all interested in who shot J.R.

After first re-iterating that James Brolin, Diane Ladd, Minka Kelly, and Julie Benz are now either signed to deals or close to finalizing them, our scooper starts busting new casting revelations. He says, “Kevin Conway will be signing on to play Digger Barns and Katie Cassidy will be playing Lucy Ewing. Paul Logan has been offered the role of Ray Krebbs as well.” Meanwhile, he thinks the film could end up having a Lost connection and adds “Matthew Fox is being considered as Bobby Ewing and Rob Lowe is being considered as Cliff Barnes.”

The big names on that list are of course Rob Lowe as Cliff Barnes and Matthew Fox as Bobby Ewing. Bobby Ewing was originally played by TGIFer Patrick Duffy. Matthew Fox actually makes a lot of sense for a part like that. He looks a little like Patrick Ewing, and he brings a modicum of starpower to the project without being big enough to have the ego some of the film’s past failed casting considerations have brought to the table. He also probably has room for it in his schedule, with only whatever’s left to film on Lost and a little more to go on the Wachowski adaptation of Speed Racer.

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