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One of the great mysteries of the hit TV show Lost may soon be solved.

The Los Angeles-bound passenger plane that crashed at the beginning of the series originated from Sydney, so the show's fans always wondered why more Australians didn't survive the doomed flight.

"I guess they drank too much on the plane and they couldn't get out," Lost director Jack Bender joked during an interview with AAP.

Of the 48 survivors stranded on the Pacific island, Claire Littleton, played by Emilie de Raven, from Victoria, is the only Australian to regularly star in the show.

Kimberley Joseph, who plays flight attendant Cindy, is also a survivor and is seen intermittently.

Lost is renowned for its twists and surprises and Bender raised the prospect of more Aussies appearing on the island.

"By the way, there are a lot of people on that plane we haven't met yet," Bender, who was talking at the 47th Monte Carlo Television Festival to promote the DVD launch of Lost's third season, said.

Lost star Terry O'Quinn, who plays John Locke, said he was also puzzled why more Australians were not on the island.

"I think only a few Australians survived and I think there should have been more," the American-born actor said.

"I like Australians and think they have a good attitude.

"I worked there once and loved it and want to go back.

"I have no idea why more didn't survive the flight."

Lost Season Three is available on DVD now.

Source: Yahoo News

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