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Mira Furlan Allowed Home

Apparently Mira Furlan, Danielle on Lost, lost her rights to live in her apartment there 16 years ago (sound familiar?). The city she lived in, Zagreb, is finally letting her move back in.

Actress Mira Furlan, a native of Zagreb who has after forging a great career in ex-Yugoslavia moved to the US and become a successful actress there has won a court battle with the city of Zagreb finally returning her home after 16 years.

Furlan has been awarded back her flat in Zagreb, which she had left at the beginning of the 1990’s, as he was hounded for culturally cooperating with Belgrade colleagues, something that brought about a smear campaign against her.

The city authorities’ representatives have said they were pleased with the outcome, as they were not the ones launching the court case against her, but those who had thrown her out of the flat she grew up in and lived in with her grandmother.

Mira Furlan left Zagreb at the height of the war in Croatia and found a new home in the United States where after struggling for a while she managed to get roles in acclaimed series like Babylon 5 and Lost. She has recently returned to Croatia with theatre roles played at the Ulysses Theatre owned by colleague and actor who had seen a similar destiny Rade Serbedzija.

Now I understand wanting to see family and all, but she better not be moving back any time soon! I still have hopes that she hasn't totally bitten the dust after being shot in Meet Kevin Johnson.
Source: Audibly Lost

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