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Today was the official ABC Teleconfrence call with LOST Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and I was one of the lucky few who had an opportunity to listen in.

The conference call was like a live podcast and it was a great experience to listen to the producers again. You can truly get a sense of their passion and love for the show.

Now as most of you know podcasts can contain spoilers and they did not shy away from providing us with some nice tidbits. However, I know many of you out there do not like spoilers and so I have removed all of the spoilers from my summary so all LOST fans can now enjoy it.

We have posted a summary of the teleconference with spoilers in the spoilers section here:

ABC Teleconference Details with Spoilers

However, some of you do not like spoilers, so posted a full report and removed the spoilers for all the other LOST fans to enjoy.

Here are my notes from the call:

NOTE: I did my best to write as much down as possible and note where the question came from. Also this is just a summary and I put quotes around the actual words the producers used.

They start off with confirming the remaining schedule with the extra hour being added and part 2 of finale moving to May 29th - They confirmed that the finale breaks down as follows"

May 15th Season finale Part 1
May 29th Season Finale Part 2 (2hours)

Titles in spoilers section.

Why the push for 2 Hr Finale? Because of story or things you wanted to do?

Little bit of both we thought of Season 1 Exodus and felt that the emotional and "epic" story telling needed the extra time. Plus we had an 8 hour story planned and to have it crammed to 5 was tough. So we felt it would be a little rushed and we needed and wanted the extra time to do it right. They also talked about the initial script being like 80 pages and they wanted to make it 100 hundred but had to be cut to 50.

The show ends in 2010 how do you figure out this whole process to reach that point? Do you know the last scene or line??

YES last scene has been determined, but say they do have some wiggle room with last line but have been working towards it. They talk about having two pieces of the bread of a sandwich and that they working on the insides of sandwich and want to know how much mayo they need to use and then of course they laugh.

Will the FF/FBs ever end or blur?

Source: TheODI.com

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