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Digital TV delay leaves fan 'Lost'

David Allen: Digital TV delay leaves fan feeling `Lost'

Digital TV had been set to go into effect in February until Congress decided America wasn't ready and pushed the date back to June 12.

I can't speak for America, but I'm ready. In fact, I'm way past ready and over the line into irritated.

Why? Because of the delay's effect on my favorite show, "Lost."

You see, "Lost" airs on ABC, and my TV no longer picks up KABC-TV (Channel 7). And it probably won't until June 12. That's when stations stop broadcasting in both analog and digital - unless Congress postpones the conversion again - and the airwaves get less cluttered.

Forget MTV. I want my ABC!

I'm one of those people with an antenna rather than cable. So I bought a converter box for $22 with my $40-off government coupon, hooked the box up and marveled. Instead of maybe a dozen channels, all of them fuzzy, my rabbit ears were picking up more than 40 channels and subchannels, all crystal clear.

Full article: SGV Tribune

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