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The Lost set on the island of Oahu, Hawaii is just how you'd imagine it - humid, tropical, lushly green and, despite the fact it's the middle of winter, skymag is slapping on the SPF 15 by the bucketload. Today's location is 90 minutes drive from downtown Honolulu and tucked between an airfield and the beach; it feels like the middle of nowhere. We walk down to the beach and head over to the set of Dharmaville - in reality a cluster of YMCA cabins. Here, Josh Holloway (Sawyer), Naveen Andrews (Sayid), Matthew Fox (Jack) and Evangeline Lilly (Kate) are lined up ready for several takes. When filming breaks, we grab Evangeline, 29, for a quick chat.

Hi Evangeline. You're so lucky living and working on Oahu, are there any downsides?
Visiting here's a whole other thing to living here. It's muggy, it's wet, your hair never looks good and make-up never ever looks good!

Good job you've been playing a tomboy all this time! Are you sick of that same old outfit?
[Laughs] It's comfortable and when I eat lunch, I don't care if I spill any! But this season we're filming the Oceanic Six off the island, so I've been wearing stilettos and pencil skirts for some of the flash-forward scenes... and I've loved it! I've felt beautiful and womanly. It's helped me embrace Kate's new womanhood. We see Kate the mum, not Kate on the run.

So Kate has changed but has filming Lost changed you?
Well, when I started I was 24 and this summer I'll be 30 - if you don't change within those years, you're a very stunted individual! I've learnt to stand up for myself in a way that's respectable, not in a way that turns me into a diva.

And as an actress turning 30 is that a big deal for you?
Not as in, "Ooh my God, I'm 30! I've always looked forward to my thirties – there's a level of respect a woman gains. Men stop seeing you as a piece of ass and women are like, "She's going to start sagging like the rest of us, so she's okay!"

Time for lunch

Not that Evangeline's about to sag anywhere. Her skin's fresh, freckled and glowing - check her out in high definition if you don't believe us! And she's enviably slim in a healthy way. Although when we arrive at the catering tent, after a shuttle-bus ride, you wonder how she does it: food portions here are HUGE. Macaroni cheese, big salads, a whopper rack of ribs with mash… if this was your staff canteen, you'd never leave. We join Evangeline in the lunch queue and ask her about celebrity life.

How do you cope with fame?
I avoid it at all costs! I've chosen projects outside Lost that are quiet, because I don't want the hype or the rest of the fluff that comes with Hollywood. And I stopped going to the beach. God, if I saw one more picture of me in a bikini I was going to shoot myself!

So now you've quit surfing, how do you keep so fit?
I don't have a workout regime now. I do a lot of stretching, swim in my pool and walk a lot in hats and sunglasses!

Is that how you avoid turning into a diva?
[Laughs] No, it's my family. They're good blue collar Canadians with amazing moral and ethical values. My dad taught me, "Go to work, don't complain even if you're as sick as a dog".

After dark

A few hours later and with several cans of Deet to ward off midges it's dark enough for the night-shoot. We take the bus back to Dharmaville. Now the set is quiet and flood-lit, and it's not long before filming gets under way. Matthew Fox perches on a picnic bench between takes, iPod earphones in. When the shoot is over, Evangeline comes over to finish up our interview.

With just one more season after this one, what's next?
I'll focus on humanitarian work and my passion for writing. I want to publish something or sell a script.

Like Lost?!
Never in a million years! I'm so not a sci-fi nut - a show like this is beyond me. But if a TV series comes into my head, I'll write it.

Hawaii's an amazing location to work though, where would you pick next?
Probably Canada. I miss home. I miss the cold air on my face.

Want to feel like you're on set with Evangeline? Then check out Lost in HD on Sky1 HD (170). Take it from us, it's the next best thing to actually being on the island. Share the humidity of the jungle with the castaways as drops of moisture drip from the lush, green vegetation. See every grain of sand and spray of foam on that idyllic beach, and even count every bead of sweat on Sawyer, girls! But best of all, in HD you'll see every detail on the actors' faces so you'll be able to feel the drama more intensely than ever before.

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