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Michelle Rodriguez has said she is totally stumped by TV series Lost.

The actress, who used to play Ana-Lucia in the hit series, said she has given up on speculating about the plot twists in the desert island show because she is always proved wrong.

"You know I am tired of coming up with theories, because every single time I come up with a damn theory you know, there goes [creator] JJ Abrams to pop that theory and turn it to s**t," she said.

Michelle - speaking at the premiere of her new film Fast And Furious - added: "So I don't know what to say now, I am scared that he might pop my theory again. So I am just gonna keep shut and wait for the answer. You know, patiently like the rest of the world."

As Lost hurtles towards its conclusions, Michelle may get her answers soon.

Source: Salisbury Journal

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