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Why can't 'Lost' let couples be happy?

WE LOVE TV: Why can't 'Lost' let couples be happy?

One of the most touching moments ever on "Lost" was when Sun and Jin and Rose and Bernard were reunited after a long separation. Everyone had tried to convince Rose that her husband, Bernard, was dead, but she knew in her heart that he hadn't died in the plane crash and that they would be together again some day. Jin had left on the raft with Michael, Walt and Sawyer to try to get the group rescued. His wife, Sun, had no idea what had become of him or even if he was alive or dead. When the men walked into the camp on the beach and their wives saw them, it was a beautiful, joyous, emotional scene.

You don't get many moments like that on "Lost."

This week, Jack and Kate's return to the island cast a shadow on Juliet and Sawyer's relationship. All the longing glances between Jack and Juliet and Sawyer and Kate were enough to really get on my nerves. Why can't Sawyer and Juliet continue to live happily together just as they did before Jack and Kate came back on the scene? Sawyer said three years is long enough to forget a past love, but I think his actions are going to prove the exact opposite.

I say, pick your partner and stick with that person. Isn't this show complicated enough without this love rectangle? Kate has shown herself to be a smart and capable (and sometimes murderous) woman. But I think her indecision about whether she loves Jack or Sawyer or neither or both is really annoying. Let's resolve this already, so we can concentrate on the bigger mysteries that the island has to offer.

And speaking of mysteries, where or when did Daniel Faraday go? Sawyer just happened to mention that the physicist is not with them anymore. Where did he go? When did he go? How did he go? Why did he go? And what's he up to? I can't wait to find out!

I'm also curious to see how Sun, who appears to be in the year 2007, will be reunited with Jin, who is in the year 1977. Jack's dead dad, Christian, told Sun that she still has a long journey ahead of her. I don't doubt that this 30-year obstacle will be overcome. Just eager to see how it is. What do you think is in store for them?

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