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SM: Aside from Jack, who is your favorite Lost character?

MF: Hurley. I think Jorge Garcia does a fabulous job with the character and we always have so much fun when we shoot scenes together. I love his character and I'd love to be able to play a purely comedic character one day. I only get drama offers, rarely any comedies, unfortunately Jack doesn't really have funny scenes in Lost.

SM: Do you think Jack will find peace one day and quiet down his inner demons?

MF: Jack is a truly tortured soul and he's back on the Island because he feels the need to redeem himself. Jack's a broken man, but I think he'll find redemption from now on and by the end of the show.

SM: Do you think Jack and Kate could get back together and have a future together?
MF: No, I never found the couple to be credible. I find it hard to believe they'll go back to falling into each other's arms.

SM: How would you describe Jack's state of mind in season 5?

MF: Jack doesn't want to control everything anymore and to think that he can influence his own destiny. He's gone from being a man of science to being a man of faith. Thanks to Locke, Jack is now convinced that he's got a mission to accomplish on the Island.

SM: Is Jack going to be pitted against Ben in the last season of Lost?

MF: No, he's going to have a much stronger enemy to deal with. But I can't go into details because the producers are going to probably send their men in black here to kidnap me and silence me. [laughs] But I can make it up to you with one scoop: throughout the last season, the flashbacks will stop and the story will be told in a linear manner without any more time jumping.

SM: Since you know how the show is going to end, can you tell us if fans will be happy with the ending?

MF: I think so. This last season looks like it's going to be fantastic and the ending is going to live up to the public's expectations. But I'm aware that there's different expectations among the fans so it's going to be impossible to please everyone. But on the other hand, the ending is going to be very tight, it's going to keep you glued to the screen. All the puzzle pieces are going to come together. I know people have at times doubted the writers' ability to answer all the question they've raised over the years.. But trust me, they're going to do it. This last season is going to prove that they've known where they were going from the very beginning. The end is going to be both sad, beautiful and liberating.

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