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Thanks again to J David for the heads up and to Donna for the translation.

TVMania: Does it get difficult after a while to play the same character for so long? Do you ever get bored with Jack and Lost?

MF: No. Lost has been a very special experience for me. Jack is a character who's continuously changing and goes through a lot of challenges he has to face so it's never felt like I'm stuck in a rut. I don't get bored: I think the fact that the show has this narrative structure helps, it feels like it's headed somewhere, it's not like playing a doctor in a medical show where pretty much the same things happen every week.

TVMania: Would you and Jack be friends if he were a real person?

MF: I think so. The circumstances he finds himself in and his experiences... they influence Jack's nature a lot. He's not necessarily a good guy. Damon Lindelof and I have wanted from the beginning to make him a hero and then destroy him. So he becomes an alcoholic and drug addict, he's suicidal and ultimately he tries to find a way to recover. We've tried to give him built-in flaws because Jack is essentially a flawed guy. He's also very intense, he takes responsibility for protecting those around him, he's relentless. I think in a normal day to day existence, Jack would be a pretty cool guy. It's my job to defend him. I like him so I defend him.

TVMania: Are you afraid of being typecast as the Jack persona in the future? Do you worry it might limit your options?

MF: No. I've actually played very different characters in the last few years, I've found my way. I'm actually very happy that within Lost, Jack goes through a lot of changes so I get to do a lot of different things with the character. I'm not worried at all.

TVMania: Rumor has it that you're the only cast members who knows how the show is going to end. Is that true?

MF: I do know how the show is going to end because I've been talking about Jack and the story with Damon and I know the overall picture: it's going to be beautiful, sad and redemptive. Jack will find his peace. I've put five years of my life into the show so I can't wait. I don't know who else knows the final images of the show because I haven't discussed them with anybody else.

TVMania: How do you picture life without Lost?

MF: I can't wait for it! The show's been an amazing experience, I intend to enjoy every single episode left and I can't wait to see it all come together. But at the same time, I'm looking forward to a life without Lost.

TVMania: Do you have any solid plans for the future?

MF: Actors don't really do those much, but I'm looking forward to finding some good offers and working with the right kind of directors.

TVMania: No more television?

MF: No. I've already spent 12 years in television and while it's been great, it's also been time consuming. I'm looking forward to spending three months immersed in a project and then having time to spend with my family. I want to have more control over my time and the projects I do, it's very important for me.

TVMania: People usually associate beaches with vacations and relaxation. You've been living in HI for five years with your family. When you look at a beach, do you automatically think of work?

MF: Yeah, pretty much. I'm looking forward to moving back to the mountains and four seasonal climate.

TVMania: When's your last day of Lost?

MF: At some point in April 2010 when we're shooting the two hour show finale.

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